Come with your dreams, I will take care of the rest

First Time Home Buyers.

Buying a home could be challenging for a first-timer.

What and Where: First, determine where you position yourself: in a house or in a condo apartment. Detached house, semi-detached or free-hold townhouse should be maintained by the owner. Along with it cutting grass and snow shoveling are needed. Property on the ground usually has backyard which allows you own ‘piece of Canada land’. Condo apartment or condo townhouse requires less maintenance, but maintenance fee should be paid monthly. High rise condo gives urban living style, common areas, gym, swimming pool, places to socialize. The point is that every type of property has its advantages and disadvantages. I will assist you to conclude what suits you better.

Finances: Home cost is a bundle. It is not only the purchase price you are paying. Closing cost (Land Transfer Tax) are substantial addition especially in Toronto. After successful closing monthly payments are in place. So, I will help you to define property price range that you can afford not only buying a property, but also afford monthly payments.

Mortgage: With the idea of how much you can afford, it is ‘smart’ to get pre-approval from the qualified lender. This is mortgage broker’s job to find best possible lending institution and conditions for you. Pre-qualification does not guaranty your mortgage, but it gives you more precise property price range that you can search properties in. I will suggest you several mortgage brokers to choose from. Always, if you already have one, you will continue working with your mortgage specialist. My goal is to avoid any bad surprises on a closing day.

Realtor: Who you ask to walk you through the process of becoming a happy home owner? Working with a Realtor® gives you confidence in successful process from start to finish. Realtor is a professional who is most familiar with situation on housing market and will find property that best suits your budget and needs. You should find Real Estate Agent that you personally feel trust and comfort to work with. Contact me and I will be happy to assist and walk you through this challenge. Being you Real Estate representative, I will be available for you 24/7.

If you consider buying new home construction from builder, I still suggest you to bring your Real Estate Agent for the first visit of the sales office. Your Real Estate Agent works for you and negotiate with the selling agent. Buying from the builder you are buying property on paper (plan). Inexperienced buyer very often gets confused about size and layout of property on a builder plan. It is always good to have second professional opinion to avoid disappointment when you get keys from newly constructed home.

Viewing: After price range is set and area finalized, it is time to visit properties. Your Real Estate Agent provides you with the list of properties matching your criteria, books an appointment and accompanies you on your visit. Visiting property try to position yourself there. Pay attention to exterior and interior, home features, look how well property is maintained, check surrounding area, traffic density, proximity to amenities (schools, shopping centers parks and public transportation). When buying home always good to keep in mind how it could be sold in the future. During the visit, I will provide you with my honest opinion about the property.

Making an Offer: Your Realtor comes up with the strategy and prepares an offer based on knowledge and experience. With my effective negotiator’s skills, I will get best price and conditions for you. Depending on current housing market and considering your personal situation, I will advise you to give either ‘conditional’ or ‘firm’ offer. Remember that giving ‘firm’ or ‘unconditional’ offer you are obligated to close the deal. Working with me, you will be certain submitting the Offer for your ‘Dream Home’.