With appreciation from Jana:

I am sending this letter to my real estate agents Kate & Slava Shymanovich with great appreciation and gratitude for the job they have done for us.

Everybody knows that selling a house and buying a new one is a stressful situation for everyone involved. To find something that works for every person in the family and makes each one happy is at times impossible to do. This is not the case with Kate and Slava. When they promise you something – they deliver, even if at first it seems impossible.

They make a great team – from choosing a location, the type of house, doing all the paperwork (checking every single letter in the agreement), to the home inspection, analyzing situations and including everyone’s interests and needs. They are not just agents – they are friends to everybody, they are not just helping you buy a house – they are trying making all of your wishes come true and make sure that everybody is happy.

I wonder – what motivates them reach their goals? My guess is – every house they buy and sell is like their own. They invest everything (their knowledge, understanding, awareness) into every single house.

I would like to acknowledge their professionalism, dedication and determination to their job.

After all these months I would like to say THANK YOU for all that you have done for our family. You are Incredible!!!